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Healing Kashmir

Healing Kashmir leads a small network of charitable organization aimed at developing and implementing a model of free mental health care and education in conflict and crisis situations. It is a UK registered charity based in London and focuses on project funding and oversight. UK Taxpayers can support Healing Kashmir and benefit from Gift Aid, and American taxpayers can support us via CAF America Fund or for those resident in Britain the CAF American Donor Fund, which provides tax relief in the UK and US
Trustees: Richard I Morris, Jr. (Chairman), Justine Hardy, Denzil How, Sarah Egerton-Warburton, and Samina Khanyari

Healing Minds Foundation

To work effectively in India, we have formed a charitable purpose company based in Delhi under Section 25 of the Companies Act. We are registered with the Indian Government under Sections 12A and 80G of the Indian Tax Act. Healing Minds Foundation is 99% owned by Healing Kashmir via Richard Morris as nominated trustee. Healing Kashmir is able to make capital investments in Healing Minds Foundation and Healing Minds may also receive grants and gifts from Indian nationals in a tax efficient manner.
Directors: Vir Singh, Wajahat Habibullah (former Chairman of the National Commission for Minorities), and retired Air Vice Marshal Kapil Kak.
Kashmir Lifeline & Health Center
Our main project today is Kashmir Lifeline & Health Centre. Led by our team of over fifteen people on the ground in Srinagar and around the state, Kashmir Lifeline provides the helpline, counseling, outreach and training services described on the website.

For further information about Healing Kashmir and our network, please contact Richard Morris at info@healingkashmir.org.

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Contact us at info@healingkashmir.org

Our records at the Charity Commission can be found at www.charitycommission.gov.uk/find-charities and search for charity 1145308.

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